Estate Planning and Charitable Giving

Estate Planning

At TriCities Advisors we'll help you build an effective estate and legacy plan that will allow you to have control over the way your wealth and assets are transferred to heirs, charities and loved ones leaving a lasting legacy on your terms. There are many missteps in estate planning that can be easily addressed prior to death. Don't wait until it's too late to fix them.


We'll help you prioritize your estate planning goals and objectives. Facilitate family discussion on generational wealth transfer.  We'll analyze the way your current assets are titled along with beneficiary designations to evaluate any impact on taxes they may have.  Partner with your tax and estate attorneys to identify appropriate estate planning gaps and work to maximize your unified tax credit and minimize federal and state death taxes and ensure your estate transitions in a tax efficient manner.

In simple terms, we'll help you leave a lasting legacy for your family, friends, and community that is truly meaningful to you.


What do you want your legacy to be? Everyone has their own reason for gifting their assets or a portion of their income to charitable organizations.  Some find comfort in helping others who are less fortunate, while others simply want to share their good fortune.  Many of the institutions of art, sciences and education are supported in large part by those who want to give something back in appreciation for their contributions to the community or the individuals themselves.

The tax code offers incentives for gifting of one's assets or incomes. Tax deductions are given for current contributions and, for estate owners, charitable gifts can reduce the size of the estate to help minimize estate taxes.

Often times, an individual will designate a charitable beneficiary in their will to benefit the organization after the individual dies.  By using charitable gifting techniques, a donor may be able to benefit the charity while living without having to sacrifice the income that an asset can generate.  Understanding how properly structured charitable gifts can provide current benefits for both the donor and the charity could be important for the charitably inclined.

We work to help make lives better. And we know that many of you do, too. We can help. We can suggest strategies to make the most your generosity. By helping you select a charity that is aligned with your values and goals, concentrate your charitable activities, and select the best assets and forms of contribution, we can help you seek to maximize the impact of your charitable giving, while gaining the most tax benefit.